You probably think your child would never think of inhaling a substance to get high, but have you talked to your child about it?

With all the various household products that could potentially be used to get high it is hard to sometimes see and realize what is really going on. Many times teens do not actually understand the risks of huffing especially if they are using a common household object such as cleaning or art supplies.

It is hard to accept that something as innocent seeming as computer duster or markers could potentially have the power to kill someone. When these kinds of toxins are inhaled the chemicals go directly to the lungs, brain, bloodstream, and other major organs. The high is almost instant but sometimes death strikes before the high can even occur. A 30 second high is not worth risking your life. There are so many signs and symptoms of inhalant abuse and it is important to recognize them so that you can catch it early and get your teen the help they need.

Some behavioral signs include:

·     Hiding rags, clothes, or empty containers

·     Constantly smelling clothing sleeves

·     Painting fingernails with magic markers or white-out

Some symptoms include:

·     Uncoordinated physical movements

·     Disorientation

·     Nausea and/or loss of appetite

·     Mood swings

There are many other signs and symptoms that can help a person better identify if a loved one is abusing inhalants. Know the signs, understand the risks, and help loved ones live a longer life.

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