Although parents can legally consume alcohol, it is very important to be careful about the influence  your children and teens are receiving as  you consume. Responding to situations that involve alcohol can send a very strong positive or negative message to your children, so make sure you are sending a positive message.

  • When discussing alcohol avoid terminology that makes alcohol seem especially attractive e.g. “After such a long day I can really use a drink” or “I am really going to enjoy drinking with my friends tonight”
  • Show restraint in your own life and don’t over-consume in front of your child or teen
  • Don’t glorify the actions of those who have had too much to drink, whether you see it in person or in a movie
  • Offer plenty of non-alcoholic drinks if you entertain at your house. This will show your child or teen that not everyone consumes alcohol and there are other options
  • Set a good example during holidays and don’t drink an excessive amount because you are celebrating

Your children are looking to YOU for an example and watching everything you do. Send a POSITIVE message and be responsible!


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