Taking a Stand for their Future

You have protected them since the day they were born and you will continue to keep them safe as they grow older. We understand that children grow up and change fast, and keeping pace can be very difficult. The choices teenagers face about alcohol further complicate the journey to adulthood. When questions about when and how you should go about helping your child navigate through choices about alcohol, we are here for you because we know that you never stop taking a stand as a parent.

Positive Pressure Coalition

We are a community substance abuse coalition serving Buffalo County, Nebraska to prevent underage use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We hope to reduce stress on the family unit by impacting factors related to stress in the family such as substance abuse and the status of mental health.

Problem Solvers

You are problem solvers. You ask questions of your kids because you want to keep them safe. Where are you going? Who are you going with? Who will be there? The time may come when they ask tough questions of you like, “I got invited to a party, can I go?” These are the moments when a little help can go a long way. The first thing to remember is that parents have the greatest influence on a child’s decision to drink. We understand that some parents may feel trapped and try problem solving by allowing their children to drink, or even provide alcohol to their child’s friends as a way of keeping them away from danger. However, we want you to know that we can help you problem solve further and help you take a stand as a parent for your child’s future. You can find helpful videos and resources on our website.