Take a Stand in Your Home.

Have Rules yourself first, then for your child. Set a good example, if you drink, drink in moderation; know all of your children’s friends’ parents and share with them your views on underage drinking; and make it a point to be involved in your child’s life  and establish or reinforce your rules about alcohol, and what behavior you expect.

Taking a Stand in your Community. 

Growing up isn’t easy and regardless of their upbringing, many teens will be faced with choices about alcohol use. There are many factors as to why teens drink, but one important factor is their environment. As a parent encourage your children to get involved with park and recreation activities such as softball, disc golf and flag football; host alcohol free social events for them at the YMCA or Fun Center; or set up weekend movie marathons that begin at the movie theater. Engage with owners and managers of these organizations and establishments and establish discounts and incentives for your children to have things to do rather than drink alcohol.