Mother and daughterSchool events like homecoming, football games, and school dances are all about socializing and having fun. Unfortunately, underage drinking is sometimes added to these social events.
More than ever before, parents and schools are getting directly involved with protecting their teens’ health and safety, especially at milestone events such as prom. Concerned parents recognize that underage drinking is never acceptable. Looking the other way to teenage drinking does not change the fact that underage drinking is illegal and dangerous.

Every year in the United States, teens are injured or killed in alcohol-related crashes, and many of them occur during prom night. Statistics show that more teenage auto accidents happen during the months of March, April, and May each year. In 2012 alone, 45.8% of fatal car crashes were alcohol-related. Help reduce drinking and driving fatalities by communicating the dangers of underage drinking and driving to your teen.

Parents can help prevent their teens from underage drinking through communication. Parents and guardians play a key role in creating a safe prom event. Listed below are tips and ideas for parents.

  • Be sure to create a plan with your teen for the evening and share it with other parents
  • Be aware of online posts and pages that may direct your teen to a party location
  • Create your own personal inventory of all alcohol in your home and hide it if necessary
  • Make sure you know who is driving to and from prom, and if it is a limo, contact the company and ask about the possibility of underage drinking in the vehicle
  • Never rent hotel rooms for your children on prom night
  • Communicate with other parents about prom plans

Prom should be a long-lasting memory for your children. Parents need to do their part to make sure that their children participate in a safe prom night. Talk to your teen openly and honestly about underage drinking long before their Prom night.

Data came from Nebraska Department of Roads